Monday, 7 January 2013

Audience Feedback: Music Video Draft

Feedback from my target audience in regards to the three different edited versions of the beginning of my music video 
After speaking to my target audience and asking them which one of the three beginnings to my music video they preferred, an overwhelming amount of them preferred the second beginning that I had created because it looked intriguing and also looked professional. They thought that the camera movements in the first beginning were much too shaky hence them not liking this beginning and they thought that although the third beginning looked nice because it was one continuous shot it became slightly boring and perhaps even slightly tiring. A few members of my target audience stated that because the first shot of the music video became a little boring, it made them a little concerned as to what the rest of the music video may look like. 

My decision after receiving this feedback
I have decided to continue developing my idea for the second beginning because it was the  idea that the majority of my target audience preferred and I am fully aware that one of the purposes of my music video is to provide my target audience with a source of entertainment rather than something that bores them

Thoughts on audience feedback
I am extremely happy that my target audience are honest with me and let me know what it is that they do and don't like about my work- here it was about my music video. Due to their honesty I am now able to further develop an idea that I know they will be interested in. Receiving feedback from my audience as soon as possible after shooting my music video was very important because I did not want to waste time developing something that they would not have an interest in.  

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