Sunday, 16 December 2012

Production Log

Removing Charlotte's ID badge has become very time consuming but it has taught me that I need to pay attention to detail to ensure that my music video is as professional looking as possible. It has also helped me develop my photoshop skills because I have realised that I need to use more than one tool to remove the ID badge.

When the shirt appeared bright white, I needed to use the colour picker and the brush tool, this was the easiest method because the colour picker chooses the colour that you need to use in order for both colours to be exactly the same and with the brush tool I just needed to colour in the area of the ID badge that the colour picker had selected. 

 When the shirt looked darker, I needed to use the patch tool and not the colour picker or the brush tool. This is because when the shirt looked darker, there were different shades of grey that could be seen therefore it was not possible for the colour picker tool to select one colour. Using the patch tool was very simple as long as I was very precise with my movements- this tool required a lot of focus.      

Another tool that I had to use was the clone stamp. I had to use this tool when the shirt looked darker and I used this after I used the patch tool in order to make the colours blend into one another. This tool was the most difficult to use because one small mistake could make the shirt look like it had been photoshopped and seeing mistakes was only possible when I zoomed out meaning that I had to do this throughout the photoshop process and this soon became very frustrating.

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