Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Analysing magazine adverts

When analysing magazine adverts I decided to do it from a marketing point of view rather than analysing the colours/fonts used. I think that this was useful because I needed to understand what my magazine advert should look like before I start designing my own. By analysing magazine adverts that catch my eye I will be able to know what I should include in my magazine advert to make it look eye catching and look like something that will grab peoples attention. I decided to complete this task now rather than in early November because I am about to start designing my magazine advert so all of the analysis will be fresh in my mind and I will be able to remember what aspects of the magazine adverts I think that my target audience will like. I analysed magazine adverts from a range of genres because different genres include different advertising methods so perhaps I can include these methods in my magazine advert.

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