Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Production Log

I have updated my digipak since I last drew my first draft, I have actually completely changed my idea for my digipak upon the advice of my target audience who believed that the new idea I had would be much better. As I started creating my digipak I found it hard to think of ideas for the inside and back cover of the digipak and after looking at existing digipaks for help, I found the Rizzle Kicks digipak which featured text that looked as though it was from a newspaper


It was then that I decided to make the track listing look similar to the style of a ransom note. I thought that the different fonts would make my digipak look much more interesting and unlike any other digipak that I have ever seen. Additionally I think that this idea is much more suitable than the last one because the different lettering will reflect the different styles of music than can be heard on the album. Although I initially stated that my digipak cover should be of the artists face, I have since changed my mind and I believe that the idea I have now will be much more striking.
The album will be named Scissors and Glue instead of the original name 'Fever to Tell', I decided to name it this because on each side of the digipak the pictures will be of the different things that people do with scissors and glue, for example creating cut out paper doll chains, making notes in the style of ransom notes etc. I will document my progress as the days go on and I am now much happier with my digipak idea because I feel as though I will be able to create the digipak much quicker.  

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