Thursday, 1 November 2012

Production Log

Unfortunately I have realised that I am not quite ready to shoot my music video, although I thought that I would shoot my music video during the October break, I realised that I have not received enough feedback from my audience. In order for my music video to be successful, I need to make sure that my target audience think that the idea I have for my music video is suitable for their age group and that it is a good concept. I do not want to create a music video and then receive negative feedback once I have finished filming. Instead I would much prefer to receive constructive feedback from my audience before I begin filming. I will do this in the upcoming weeks so that when I am ready to film my music video, I will be safe in the knowledge that my audience will enjoy my final product.

 I plan to do this by:
  • Showing them my storyboard and then gaining their feedback. I want them to tell me whether they think that there is a good variety of camera shots and if I need to change location/model/parts of the concept etc..
  • Creating an animatic once I have gained initial feedback and adapting anything could be improved. From this I will see what my audience think of what my music video will look like.

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