Friday, 2 November 2012

Analysis of exisiting digipaks

I first analysed the digipak Muse- Resistance. I like this digipak because it is full of vibrant colours and because of this, it stands out. I also like the fact that the image on the front cover of the digipak is not of the band and instead is of a  that hallway that appears to be made entirely of stained glass. Normally the artists are shown on the front cover of the digipak because they help promote the album and also encourage people to buy the album. The fact that their faces do not appear on the front cover of the digipak demonstrates that they are not a new band and they are established within the industry.

The digipak has a hard outer case and this is plain black with the words 'MUSE' embossed in the centre of the case. The complete digipak appears plain at first but once the black case is removed, the colourful digipak can be seen. I like the idea of having the digipak appear plain and then being opened up and becoming extremely vibrant. The colours used for the digipak remain consistent throughout and this helps the digipak look more professional. The colour black that is on the outer case can be seen on the inside of the digipak and also on the back cover; these sides consist of black and white blurry images of the band. This is necessary because it puts a face to the music which is important because people need to be able to identify with the band and knowing what they look like, makes the connection between the consumer and the artist much stronger.

Lastly I like the symbolic nature of this digipak. On the front cover, we see a silhouette of a person walking towards a portal, this evokes a sense of mystery and it is also a reflection of what will happen to people who listen to the album. The colourful stained glass walls are a metaphor  for the songs on the album; they are vibrant and can be analysed meaning that in a sense- they are a transparent. Additionally, it is not clear whether the silhouette is a man or a woman, this reflects the fact that both men and women are fans of their work and will buy their album. The hallway represents the idea of a journey and that listening to the album will take the consumer on an emotional journey and that by the end of the album they will reach a conclusion/ portal.

I love the carefree nature of this digipak, it isn't dramatic like a lot of digipaks and seems very natural. Although the album artwork is striking, it is simple and also reflects the light hearted nature of the songs featured on the album. The front cover of the digipak has an italic style font, the white font reflects the innocent nature of the photos. The artists face is the focus of the album cover suggesting that she is new to the music industry and therefore must use her face to promote her music. The photos used for the digipak are taken in the wilderness, this further connotes freedom and the rich tones of the wilderness contrast well against the Lissie's blonde hair and nude coloured shirt. The loose shirt is an indicator of the albums genre, she is not sexualised which suggests that she is an indie artist. It is usually pop singers and R&B singers that are sexaulised in order to sell more records.

The CD is light blue and the name of the album is at the top of CD, the font used is the same font as the one on the front cover meaning that a house theme has been established. In addition the light blue of the CD is a sky blue and this reinforces the theme of freedom. Lissie appears relaxed in these pictures and her at ease expression makes her even more relatable. Unlike other artists, she has not created a barrier between herself and consumers and this is because she is a relatively new artist therefore people need to be able to get to know her before they buy her music. Lissie's care free attitude is portrayed in the inside digipak cover, the picture looks as though it was taken by a friend which emphasises that she is a friendly and social person. Her hair is messy and her dress is creased illustrating that she somebody who cares little about what people think and that is somebody who will let their hair down. She seems like somebody who people would want to socialise with and this one of the reasons as to why her album looks so appealing.

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