Monday, 29 October 2012

Research into possible equipment choices

I have researched into the following possible equipment choices:
  • Boom microphone
  • Fish eye lens
  • Camcorder
  • Dolly tripod
Boom microphone
When I used the boom microphone I became aware that it is able to pick up even the smallest sounds. This has its pros and cons because if there is a very faint sound that I want to picked up- the boom microphone will be very useful in this way however if there is any background noise, it is likely that this noise will also be picked up. However I decided that I would much prefer to use the boom microphone rather than the microphones that slot onto the front of the camera because the boom microphone can be moved around because its lead has a length of approximately four meters.


Fish eye lens
I experimented using the fish eye lens because I like the way it distorts the object in focus. I think that using this lens could work well for my music video because it relates to the way that the protagonist has created a fantasy world and that to her- everything is not as it seems. Furthermore it makes the music video much more interesting because it is a lens that is not commonly used in music videos therefore I would be offering the audience something fresh and new.

Having not finished a project, I decided to borrow a camcorder and it was here that I re-familiarised myself with the camcorder and worked out which settings I preferred. Although I learnt how to use the camcorder once again, I found that I much preferred using the digital SLR camera because they use memory cards and do not use tapes meaning that uploading footage and looking at footage on the camera is much easier and quicker. On the whole I like the fact that the camcorder is much easier to use but I think that the practicality of the digital SLR camera helped make my decision much easier.  

Tripod dolly
Initially I thought that using a tripod dolly for certain shots would make my music video look much more professional because the camera movement would be much smoother and there would be little or no bumpy camera movement however when using the tripod dolly I found it very difficult to ensure that the camera movement was smooth because the tripod did not move well on wooden floor. I then realised that it would be best if I were to not use the tripod because I want to film outside for some of my music video and for this I would want to use the tripod dolly and if it did not work on a smooth wooden surface, then it would not work on rough ground.  Instead of using the tripod dolly I will use the steadicam.

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