Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Props list

Now that I am set to shoot my music video I have created a props list which states the props that will be needed for my music video, this list will ensure that I do not forget to bring any of these props with me on the shoot because this would mean that I would have to re shoot my music video which would set me back. I do have not many props in my music video because the main character is the focus of my video, the props are there to introduce the idea of a transition between childhood and adulthood however the main character solidifies this idea therefore she is driving force behind the message of change and adaptation that will be depicted in my music video

The props that I will need are:
  • Pastel coloured balloons
  • Ribbon (either pink/purple or red) 
  • Ballet shoes
  • First drawings
  • Brownie Sash

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