Thursday, 27 September 2012

Production Log

In my initial planning video I only spoke about three quarters of my music video and I have since developed my idea for my music video. I have decided that the music video will not be shot in a house but instead it will be shot outside in the woods.I think that because Winter is coming up, the tree will be without leaves and there will be lots of fog in the woods which will add a nice eerie effect to the music video and make it much more visually appealing. But because it is being shot int

 Additionally I have decided that my music video will feature two characters,  one being the main character when they are younger and one being the main character when they are older. As the camera rotates around the younger actress, the music video will then cut to black and as the main actress opens her eyes, the camera will track backwards and the viewer will be able to see that it is a  much older actress in the music video and will become clear that she is the older version of the previous actress. I prefer this idea to the previous one I had because I think that it highlights the transition that the character goes through much more and this is an essential part of my music video. 

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