Saturday, 6 October 2012

Audience Research: My Target Audience

My target audience are between the ages of 18-24 and are mainly female with a small percentage of my target audience being male. They are most likely to be quite independent and sure of themselves yet still trying to find out who they are. They will be able to relate to my music video because it illustrates a journey and a transition between childhood and adulthood, my target audience will also be experiencing that transition because they would either be older teenagers or young adults meaning that they would be adjusting and changing similar to the main character in my music video.  Another aspect of my music video that they will be able to relate to are the props that will feature in my music video, items such as ribbons, ballet shoes and first drawings will be present in my music video. The audience will feel a sense of nostalgia when watching my music video because they will be remember doing things like drawing pictures for their parents and going to ballet. 

Their parents would fit into the B-C2 demographic meaning that the children would live a comfortable lifestyle, they would be able to afford to do things that they enjoy on a regular basis such as going to gigs or purchasing clothes in vintage shops. It is likely that they would not shop in high street shops such as Topshop and River Island and instead would purchase their clothes in vintage shops or lesser known high streets shops like Uni Qlo for example. They will have a strong understanding of what is considered trendy and will perhaps follow some of the trends but on the whole they will stick to what they enjoy rather than what is on trend. It is this mixture of being unique and delving into mainstream trends that forms part of who they are. I would like to somehow make my character relatable through the clothes that she wears, she will dress similarly to my target audience wearing vintage style clothing that stands out, not only is this similar to the way that my target audience dresses but it is also similar to the way that Karen O dresses. 

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