Friday, 28 September 2012

Editing Software

I will be using two different programmes during the last two production stages of my work, I will use both Premiere and Photoshop. Premiere will be used when I am editing my music video and Photoshop will be used when I am creating my digipak and magazine advert

Photoshop is an editing software that allows you to edit pictures and I will need to use Photoshop in order to create a realistic looking magazine advert and digipak, this is because Photoshop is an advanced programme that allows the user to change minute details on a picture such as the colour of somebody's eyes. I am already familiar with Photoshop having used it for my GSCE and AS coursework however I will need to re-familiarise myself with Photoshop because there are a few things that I have forgotten how to do. Due to the many tools available on this programme such as the 'colour overlay' tool which allows you to change the colour of objects I will be able to make my ancillary texts exactly how I have envisioned them to be. The large variety of tools also enable me to be as creative as possible whilst constructing my digipak and magazine advert
Premiere is an editing software used for videos, it is used by professionals meaning that with it you can produce high quality work that is to a professional standard. Like Photoshop, I have also used Premiere before however I am not as skilled with Premiere as I am with Photoshop so using it will be quite challenging however I look forward to gaining new skills and being able to use a complicated programme like Premiere with ease. 

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