Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Production Log

Although I originally stated that I would begin working on a hip hop collage, I have changed my mind and decided to create one for the indie/rock genre. I decided this because after many visits to newsagents, I was finally able to find a hip-hop magazine. My original plan was to cut images out of this magazine and create a collage from them however when I browsed through the magazine, it consisted mainly of adverts for haircare and parties. I then looked through other hip-hop magazines and they were all very similar to this.
            After careful consideration, I have decided that not only will I no longer create a collage based on the hip-hop genre but I will not pick a hip hop song for my music video. The main reason for this is that aside from hip hop music videos, there is little existing material that I will be able to draw inspiration from, I think that perhaps the indie/rock genre would be better because there are successful magazines based on this genre, furthermore it is an extremely popular genre with people of all ages and with all different lifestyles unlike the hip-hop genre. I would be able to gather advice from not only friends but also family members, teachers etc.. I believe that creating a music video based on the indie/rock genre would also allow me to be more creative in comparison to the hip-hop genre because the majority of indie/rock videos are very different and there is not a typical style used for this genre.  

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